No More Makeup Meltdowns

Since I’m new to New York I’ve discovered that makeup, heat, and humidity don’t really mix.  What is a girl to do?

Option One – Wear no makeup.

Option Two – Beat the heat.

If you chose option two then you’re ready for a few tips to help your makeup stay and battle New York weather or the heat anywhere else.


Primer – Prime your face, it will keep your makeup all day and keep those pores at bay. I like to us Too Faced primer since it makes my skin look and feel silky and keep my makeup in place.

Foundation – Wear waterproof foundation. Lately I’ve been using my Make Up For Ever Face and Body and it has been awesome. It stays on my face all day, it’s light, and it doesn’t melt off.

Concealer – If you want more coverage or want to cover up blemishes or darkness under the eye, waterproof concealer is a good way to go. Another favorite of mine is Make Up For Ever’s Full Coverage, which is pretty potent stuff and it’s waterproof, but you do need to set it.

Powder – I usually set my face with Super Matte Powder by Make Up For Ever. You might want to get one shade lighter than you normally would because it gets a little darker throughout the day when it mixes with the oils on your face.


Blush – Next I put on a cream blush, like Nar’s Multiple in Orgasm, which is pretty color that is universal and goes well with most skin tones.


Eye Primer – I always prime my eyes since my eyelids get really oily, causing my eye makeup to smudge. I am currently using Make Up For Ever primer which comes with a wand so you can directly apply it on to your eyes. Let it sit for a minute before applying any eye makeup.

Note – Lately, I haven’t been wearing any eyeshadow, but I use golden tones when I do.

Eyeliner – I like to use Maybelline’s Ultra Liner which is waterproof and stays on all day.  Once you’ve applied it and let it dry it won’t smudge. I don’t even have to set it. It’s like having a tattoo for a day, but don’t worry it comes off with makeup remover.

False Lashes – Instead to mascara I like to wear false lashes. These babies stay glued to my eyes till I go home and take them off. I also love wearing them since they make my eyes pop. This is optional. You can also wear waterproof mascara of your choice.

Eyebrows – I like to use Mac’s eyeshadow on my brows since they stay in place all day, no touchups needed.


Just top your lips off with a chapstick with a hint of SPF like Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment in Rose, which is moisturizing and has a wonderful smell.

Setting Spray

To guarantee that your makeup will stay in place, spray MAC’s Fix + all over your face, and you’re all set.

Now you won’t have to sweat it, since your makeup won’t melt.

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