Earth Friendly Products

Happy Earth Day everyone!


No flowers were harmed in the making of my hair wreath 🙂

Today is about making the world a better place by protecting our environment and making choices that will benefit the future of our earth. Here are companies who have made a conscious effort to make hair, makeup, and skin products sustainable and eco-friendly. They are passionate about beauty and beautifying the world with their wonderful products.


100 Percent Pure: Have you ever heard of makeup that is good for your skin and the environment? 100 Percent Pure is just that. The company makes products that help beautify your skin and hair, while using natural, organic, and vegan ingredients. Their colors come from fruits and vegetables, not from chemicals and dyes. Try their products, your hair and skin will thank you for it!


Nuema: This company that cares for your hair and the world. They use clean and green ingredients, as well as recycle resources. Neuma partners up with companies that support fair trade and reusable energy. It’s a win-win situation for your hair and our environment. Nuema’s amazing hair products will leave your tresses looking shinier and healthier.


Ecotools: “Looking beautiful and feeling beautifully is what Eco Tools is all about”. Their makeup brushes made from synthetic bristles and bamboo are cruelty-free, soft, and applies seamlessly. Since Bamboo is a renewable material easily grown at an exponential rate, it is the perfect sustainable material for a brush handle. These fast growing plants can keep up with demand, so get yours today!


Bdellium: This company carries professional eco-friendly brushes with bristles that are soft, vegan, and synthetic. Similar to Ecotools, it comes with a bamboo handle. No animals are harmed during production. The hypoallergenic properties of the brush makes it compatible with sensitive skin. The Bambu line comes in 3 fun colors: green, yellow, and pink. Pick your color!

Try these products out if you haven’t already. They will change your life and help the environment!

Please let me know of any eco-friendly cosmetic and hair care lines that you love and respect!

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  • I like EcoTools. They have amazing brushes! 🙂

    • Hamaholic

      Their brushes feel so soft on your skin! :))
      Do you like any other eco-friendly beauty brands?