Take your hair from a 7 to a Smooth and Silky 10 for Valentine’s Day

potion_10_miracle_repair_hair_maskIt’s a 10 has done it again! They’ve created a new hair silkening mask that will leave your hair looking and smelling oh la la fabulous. You’ll be flipping your hair side to side as if you were in a hair commercial, yes it’s that magical, we’re doing it as we speak. Potion 10 Miracle Repair Hair Mask will get your locks ready for a Valentine’s Day rendezvous.

10 Miracle Making Agents:

  1. Repairs breakage
  2. Safe for chemically treated hair
  3. Radiant Shine
  4. Instantly smooth hair
  5. Cuticle strengthener
  6. Frizz eliminator
  7. Smooths scalp
  8. Extends life of colored hair
  9. Environmental Protection
  10. Ultra thick rich formula

This is our new go to mask that we use a couple times a week. We’re loving the results! Since using Potion 10 Miracle Repair Hair Mask, our hair is easier to comb through, tangle free, feels stronger, looks shinier, and less frizzy.

How to:

Slather on the hair mask after you shampoo and condition with your favorite products, we love to use our secret hair growth shampoo and conditioner. Apply a quarter size amount of the hair mask from the mid shaft to the ends, add more depending on your hair length and thickness.  The directions says to comb it with a wide tooth comb, but we prefer using my five fingers, or if you’re a mermaid, a dingle hopper. Let it marinate in your hair for about 3-7 minutes or if you want to ultra condition your hair, you can leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse out and style as usual. Don’t forget to do your hair flip once you’re done styling your gleaming mane. dingle_hopperWe’re also in love with these other It’s a 10 products: Miracle Hair Mask and Miracle Leave-In, which we’ve been using for a year now and has worked wonders for our hair.

We’d have to say this is our new it’s a 10 Product for the moment, since they keep outdoing themselves. Although we love Potion 10 a tad bit more than the Miracle Hair Mask, from the lustrous hair results to the sweet intoxicating floral infusion, we do love the easy pump bottle that the Miracle Hair Mask comes in.

Have a hair affair this Valentine’s Day with Potion 10 Miracle Repair Hair Mask, it may be your love potion number 9.



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