Galactic Lips and Nails Tutorial

Growing up I wish I had powers like Evie, the half-alien from Out of this World. She inherited the ability to stop time from her unearthly father. Since I have no ET genes, the next best thing is this galactic look that shines as bright as the Milky Way and is the biggest trend in the whole galaxy.


Purple lips are the planetary rage these days! I’m painting my lips with Inglot’s Freedom Lipstick in 99, a vibrant electric purple. This rich creamy opaque lipstick glides on easily and gives you the perfect shade of purple without too many coats. It also keeps your lips smooth all day with its moisturizing Vitamin E and kernel apricot oil.



I wanted to pair my cosmic lips with with sparkling celestial nails. To get this galaxy nail effect I used:


  1. Paint your nails a with a black/dark blue shade, I used Sally Hansen’s Night Flight.
  2. Dip a makeup sponge into some white polish, Sally Hansen’s Whirlwind White was my polish of choice, and create your nebula by lightly pressing on your nails to create a “s” shape (they don’t have to be perfect, in fact they look more realistic when they’re not)
  3. Paint on on side of the “s” shape with a pink and purple shade (DC Bubble Gum and Purple with a Purpose purple) and on the other side I used (DC Jawbreaker) on the other side, slightly stippling your nails with the makeup sponge to create a cloudy ombre effect.
  4. With a toothpick or a fine tip brush, create stars by placing small and big dots on your nails as well as crosses for a shining star with Whirlwind White.
  5. For some sparkle I put a coat of OPI’s My Favorite Ornament for some glitter.
  6. To top of these astronomical nails I used OPI’s I Snow You Love Me.



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