OPI Retro Summer 2016

Grab your sunscreen and your favorite brim sun hat as we soak up the sun while vacationing on the French Riviera, vintage-style. We’re also taking the six newest OPI shades Retro Summer 2016, inspired by the most popular beaches in the world, with us.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Towel Me About It

Towel Me About It: We can’t stop raving about this light sunglow yellow that is sure to brighten up your day.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Im Getting A TanGerine

I’m Getting a Tan-gerine: You’ll get a glow with this peachy orange.

OPI Nail Lacquer in SPF XXX

SPF XXX: Feel the heat with the hot orange-red.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Sailing And Nailing

Sailing and Nail-ing: We want to whisked away with this beautiful sky blue.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Flip Flops Crop Tops

What’s the Double Scoop?: We can’t keep this irresistible pink a secret.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Whats The Double Scoop

Flip Flops and Crop Tops: A bright pink that’s perfect for any summer outfit.

OPI nail lacquers retail for $10.00 ($12.50 CAN) at Professional Salons, as well as BeautyBrands,, Chatters, Dillard’s, Regis, ULTA and GelColor is an in-salon,professional service only.   For more information, please visit Follow OPI on Twitter andInstagram @OPI_PRODUCTS and go to OPI Products on Facebook to become a fan!

Get ready for summer with any of these fun colors! We’re ready for our flip flops and relaxing on the beach.



OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass Collection

We’re going “mad” for OPI’s newest nail collection Brights, inspired by Disney’s release of Alice Through The Looking Glass in theaters May 27, 2016. This bold collection will take you back to the whimsical world of Wonderland. Take a peek at these eight colorful shades.


OPI Nail Lacquer in The Is Have It

The I’s Have It: This powdery blue will have all eyes on you.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Oh My Majesty

Oh My Majesty!: This illustrious pearly white is fit for a queen.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Whats The Hatter With You

What’s the Hatter with You?: We’re going mad for this decadent creamy burgundy.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Having A Big Head Day

Having a Big Head Day: Feel like hot stuff with this hot red.

OPI Nail Lacquer in What Time Is It

What Time Isn’t it?: You can wear this matte black with silver tinsel anytime.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Im Grown For Anything

I’m Gown for Anything!: A creamy lilac will have you

OPI Nail Lacquer in Fearlessly Alice

Fearlessly Alice: Feel adventurous with this bold sky blue.

OPI Nail Lacquer in A Mirror Escape

A Mirror Escape: This glitter gold and silver sparkle will have you look anything but ordinary.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Mad For Madness Sake

Mad for Madness Sake: This vivid fuchsia will look insanely gorgeous on you.

We’re still debating on which of these beautiful colors we’ll be wearing to watch the film. This collection retails for $10 each ($12.50 CAN) and will be available at professional salons, Beauty Brands,, Chatters, Dillard’s, Regis, ULTA Beauty and

Which color will you wear on the crazy adventure back to wonderland?


OPI’s 2016 Spring Collection

Let your nails be your newest fashion accessory this spring with playful chic pastels and sophisticated hues from OPI’s newest collections Infinite Shine Spring ’16 and Soft Shades 2016 Pastels. These gorgeous colors are fresh off the 2016 Spring Runway and will be available starting April.

The Infinite Shine Shades includes 8 colors:


Rose Against Time: This bright pink is unfading.


It’s Pink P.M.: This powdery pink pastel can be worn day or night.


Don’t Provoke the Plum!: A fierce purple that is ready for anything.


Olive for Green: Be one with nature with this evergreens.


In Familiar Terra-Tory: This gorgeous coral shade is a go-to.


Sunrise to Sunset: Play all day with this vibrant peach.


Half Past Nude: You’re never to late to wear this pretty nude shade.


Reach for the Sky: A mixture of white puffy clouds and the celestial blue sphere.

OPI Infinite Shine No Light Gel-Lacquer is a professional system with a 3-step process that will deliver long-wear and shine of a gel manicure. These stylish shades last and keep it’s shine up to 10 days. Theres so many beautiful colors to choose from. It retails for $12.50 each ($14.95 CAN) and will be available at professional salons, Beauty Brands,, Chatters, Dillard’s, Regis, ULTA Beauty and

SoftShades 2016 includes 6 wearable trendy opaque shades.

Trade in winter’s vividly dark metals for a fresh and edgy pastel mani.


It’s in the Clouds: A velvety vanilla sky.


This Cost Me a Mint: This refreshing light green is worth every penny.


One Chic Chick:  Be the “It” girl with this mellow yellow.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Stop It Im Blushing

Stop it I’m Blushing!: This baby pink will give you a rosy glow.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Its A Boy

It’s a Boy!: You’ll love the baby blue forever.

OPI Nail Lacquer in I Am What I Amethyst

I Am What I Amethyst: A true soft lilac.

This collections retails for $10 each ($12.50 CAN) and will be available at professional salons, Beauty Brands,, Chatters, Dillard’s, Regis, ULTA Beauty and

I’m excited to try OPI’s newest collections and it’s refreshing colors. These shades will compliment any outfit from girly, edgy, to tee-shirt and jeans chic.

 These shades also come in a cute bundle which includes It’s in the Clouds, This Cost Me a Mint, Stop it I’m Blushing! Or give yourself a treat with the trendiest shades from: One Chic Chick, Stop it I’m Blushing! and It’s a Boy! including real Swarovski crystals to pair with each pastel shade.

Let us know what your favorite shades are!


Galactic Lips and Nails Tutorial

Growing up I wish I had powers like Evie, the half-alien from Out of this World. She inherited the ability to stop time from her unearthly father. Since I have no ET genes, the next best thing is this galactic look that shines as bright as the Milky Way and is the biggest trend in the whole galaxy.


Purple lips are the planetary rage these days! I’m painting my lips with Inglot’s Freedom Lipstick in 99, a vibrant electric purple. This rich creamy opaque lipstick glides on easily and gives you the perfect shade of purple without too many coats. It also keeps your lips smooth all day with its moisturizing Vitamin E and kernel apricot oil.



I wanted to pair my cosmic lips with with sparkling celestial nails. To get this galaxy nail effect I used:


  1. Paint your nails a with a black/dark blue shade, I used Sally Hansen’s Night Flight.
  2. Dip a makeup sponge into some white polish, Sally Hansen’s Whirlwind White was my polish of choice, and create your nebula by lightly pressing on your nails to create a “s” shape (they don’t have to be perfect, in fact they look more realistic when they’re not)
  3. Paint on on side of the “s” shape with a pink and purple shade (DC Bubble Gum and Purple with a Purpose purple) and on the other side I used (DC Jawbreaker) on the other side, slightly stippling your nails with the makeup sponge to create a cloudy ombre effect.
  4. With a toothpick or a fine tip brush, create stars by placing small and big dots on your nails as well as crosses for a shining star with Whirlwind White.
  5. For some sparkle I put a coat of OPI’s My Favorite Ornament for some glitter.
  6. To top of these astronomical nails I used OPI’s I Snow You Love Me.




Quote: Coco Chanel

coco_chanel_quoteCoco Chanel was a trail blazer for women’s fashion and invented the little black dress. Her timeless style is still seen in the runways today. She believed that beauty is being yourself.


Quote: Laura Mercier


Laura Mercier has been called the Rembrandt of makeup artist and is known for creating the flawless face. She believes that beauty isn’t just what you’re born with, but something that makes you extraordinary and unforgettable. Let’s celebrate our uniqueness!


Quote: Bobbi Brown


Bobbi Brown is an inspiration. We love that she believes in letting true beauty shine through by not masking the face with makeup, but enhancing it. She helps empower women and see their true beauty.


Take your hair from a 7 to a Smooth and Silky 10 for Valentine’s Day

potion_10_miracle_repair_hair_maskIt’s a 10 has done it again! They’ve created a new hair silkening mask that will leave your hair looking and smelling oh la la fabulous. You’ll be flipping your hair side to side as if you were in a hair commercial, yes it’s that magical, we’re doing it as we speak. Potion 10 Miracle Repair Hair Mask will get your locks ready for a Valentine’s Day rendezvous.

10 Miracle Making Agents:

  1. Repairs breakage
  2. Safe for chemically treated hair
  3. Radiant Shine
  4. Instantly smooth hair
  5. Cuticle strengthener
  6. Frizz eliminator
  7. Smooths scalp
  8. Extends life of colored hair
  9. Environmental Protection
  10. Ultra thick rich formula

This is our new go to mask that we use a couple times a week. We’re loving the results! Since using Potion 10 Miracle Repair Hair Mask, our hair is easier to comb through, tangle free, feels stronger, looks shinier, and less frizzy.

How to:

Slather on the hair mask after you shampoo and condition with your favorite products, we love to use our secret hair growth shampoo and conditioner. Apply a quarter size amount of the hair mask from the mid shaft to the ends, add more depending on your hair length and thickness.  The directions says to comb it with a wide tooth comb, but we prefer using my five fingers, or if you’re a mermaid, a dingle hopper. Let it marinate in your hair for about 3-7 minutes or if you want to ultra condition your hair, you can leave it for 20 minutes. Rinse out and style as usual. Don’t forget to do your hair flip once you’re done styling your gleaming mane. dingle_hopperWe’re also in love with these other It’s a 10 products: Miracle Hair Mask and Miracle Leave-In, which we’ve been using for a year now and has worked wonders for our hair.

We’d have to say this is our new it’s a 10 Product for the moment, since they keep outdoing themselves. Although we love Potion 10 a tad bit more than the Miracle Hair Mask, from the lustrous hair results to the sweet intoxicating floral infusion, we do love the easy pump bottle that the Miracle Hair Mask comes in.

Have a hair affair this Valentine’s Day with Potion 10 Miracle Repair Hair Mask, it may be your love potion number 9.




Quotes: Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe was anything but boring. She was a talented comedic actor who became one of the most popular muses in our culture and is still a pop icon today. We love that she had brains and beauty and inspired others to be their most beautiful unique selves.



Mardi Gras Inspired Nails

Bring on the bead!
Mardi Gras Nails
It’s Mardi Gras, a carnival most famously celebrated in New Orleans! The French Quarter, in NOLA, is filled music, colorful costumes, masks, as well as Mardi Gras beads. I’ve decided to paint my nails the shiny metallic purple inspired by Mardi Gras beads for the celebration! I’m dog sitting at my sister’s at the moment and I’m rummaging through her box of colorful nail lacquers goodies. Since I don’t have the exact shade of purple that matches my bead, I’ve decided to customize and make my own. Read more and learn how to make your own shade.Mardi Gras Polishes
My cocktail of colors: Since I know that blue + red = purple I came up with this concoction to get the right shade to match my beads. KleanColor in Beach Blue, OPI 30 (a bright pink shade), and Color Club 7 for some purple shimmer.


  1. One coat of KleanColor in Beach Blue
  2. Top that color with OPI 30 before the blue is totally dry
  3. To complete the look use a coat of Color Club 7

Take a look at other colors inspired by New Orleans from OPI from our past post.

Say hello to Tank, my sister’s bulldog/baby! Judging by his beads he’s ready for Fat Tuesday!

Written by: Jocelyn Tabajonda Ly


Festive Nails for Chinese New Year: Konad Stamps

Happy Lunar New Year!

It’s the most spectacular holiday in the lunar calendar and 2016 is the year of the Monkey. Lunar New Year is a day to visit relative’s and bring gifts. My husband is Chinese, so we’re preparing for the festivities.chinese_new_year_nailsI’ll be getting ready for the new year by painting my nails a beautiful bold red, the national color of China. Red symbolizes good luck and fortune. For some glamour, I added a golden floral print to each nail by using my Konad stamp. Gold is a lucky color worn by emporers as well as a symbol of lavishness in the Chinese culture. chinese_new_year_polishPolishesOPI Base Coat, USL Airlines in KBJ Kings Canyon, OPI Nail Lacquer in Cashmere, and OPI Top Coat.

chinese_new_years_konadNail design tools: Konad scraper, plate, and stamp (thanks to our friends at Little Pink Blog for this gift!)


  1. Prep your nails by applying base coat to keep the nails from chipping.
  2. Brush a thin coat of red nail polish and wait for it to dry. I used Kings Canyon, which is my favorite shade of red. I used one coat, but you can apply two.
  3. Using the Konad kit, brush the gold lacquer onto the stencil you want.
  4. Remove the excess polish with the scraper in one swiping motion.
  5. Take the stamp and press onto the plate to transfer the design
  6. Stamp your nail by going from one direction to the other.
  7. Once it’s dry brush on a top coat.


I hope these nails bring you good fortune! Good luck! How are you celebrating Chinese New Year?

Happy New Year!


Quotes: Kevyn Aucoin


Kevyn Aucoin is a legend in the makeup world. He made a name for himself by working with celebrities and supermodels, and creating glamorous looks that would withstand the test of time. His focus was bringing out the inner beauty of women and his legacy lives on by teaching the world what true beauty really means.


A Simple Everyday Look

Happy Monday Everyone!

I’m not the biggest fan of Mondays, since that means the weekend is over. Let’s get ready together and get ready to take on the world! I have lots of errands to do today and I still want to look put together.  Here’s a easy and simple look that will have you out of the house in no time like a superwoman.IMG_4713Lumene CC Cream in Medium: I use this everyday, in fact its almost time to buy a new one. It’s my go to cc cream when I want a light coverage that will even out my skin tone and give me a glow. It also has spf 20 so I can be out doing my business and not have to worry about the sun.

Nars Brow Gel in Kinshasa: I use this gel for an a more natural look that will tame my hairs and fill in my brows.

Benefits They’re Real in Jetblack:  I don’t usually wear mascara, since it tends to smear on me and I’m obsessed with false lashes. This mascara is pretty amazing and gives my lashes some volume and length.

Mac Sheertone Shimmer in Sunbasque: I like to use this as a my blush and bronzer on the days I’m on the go. It has the right amount of shimmer and the shade gives you a sun kissed glow.

Nivea A kiss of Care Color in Sheer Coral: For my everyday looks I like to use chapsticks and lip moisturizers with a hint of color. This is great for on the go and keeps my lips supple and hydrated all day. I also it’s the peachy hue and how it completes my natural makeup look.

Time for me to fight crimes/my errands. Hope you’re all having a wonderful Monday! What’s your favorite everyday products?






Weekend Makeup

Say hello to the weekend! This is a my go to natural glamorous look that will take me from day to night.Glamour Weekend Makeup

Products Used:

My quick guide to highlight, contour, and the perfect blend to my skin with just a couple of brush strokes. Your skin will look flawless!

Lumene CC Cream in Medium: It’s a little lighter than my natural skin tone, but I like to use it as a highlighter since it has a light coverage and evens out my skin tone, and protects my skin from the sun with it’s SPF 20.

Nars Pure Radiant Tint Moisturizer in Cuba Medium3: This shade is a little darker than my natural skin tone and I use it as a contour. It’s great for dry to combination skin since it tends to make your skin a little more dewey. This tinted moisturizer has an spf of 30.

Nars Radiant Concealer Med/Dark Biscuit: This perfect peachy color and smooth consistency does wonders for my dark circles. One swipe on each eye and a patting motion will make your eyes look more awake!

Eminence in Cherries & Berries No. 2: I love this powder! It’s light weight, not caky (the only powder I dare pat on my under eyes, water resistant, sun protecting, hypoallergenic, non pore clogging natural minerals that will give your skin a natural looking sheen and glow. You wont make a mess with its built-in powder brush. I can’t rave enough about this powder you just have to try it for yourself!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit in Light to Medium: This is a must have contour palette. It will highlight and chisel your modeleque cheekbones and does wonders in pictures.

Urban Decay Naked Basics Eyeshadow Palette: This has the essential colors for looks that can take from day to night. It’s compact size is great for traveling and keeping in you purse. I used the colors Venus, Naked 2, and Crave to create this eye look. I placed Venus on all over the lid, Naked 2 on my crease, and a bit of Crave on the outer lid and blended.

Cailyn Idefine Liquid Eyeliner: My eyes are very tricky and eyeliners never seem to want to stay on them. Luckily, I found this eyeliner which stays all day, doesn’t smudge, and is the perfect shade.

Make Up For Ever Eye Lashes in 157: I got these lashes while on my honeymoon in Paris and have been using them ever since. These are a bit of a splurge for lashes, but they last so long that they’re worth it. The lashes are beautifully hand crafted and create a natural glamorous look for your eyes. I use my Duo Adhesive to keep my lashes on all day.

Mac Sheertone Shimmer in Sunbasque: For a peachy glow I like to use this powder blush.

Cailyn Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint 2 Romanticist: I never leave home without it and it’s with me all day long. It’s a waterproof  lip color that has staying powder.

Make Up For Ever in Light Beige: To add some glamour I top my lips off with this shimmery gloss.

I’m ready for the weekend and where ever it takes me!  What’s your weekend look?

Au Revoir for now!


OPI New Orleans 2016 Spring Collection


If you’ve ever been to NOLA, then you know there’s no other place like it. It’s bursting with colorful art all over the city, the sounds of jazz music in every corner, and the delightfully sweet smells of beignets at Cafe Du Monde.

OPI’s New Orleans Collection encapsulates the heart of the city, filled with so much zest and flavor. This 12 piece jazzy collection and its matching GelColors will have you ready for Mardi Gras!

OPI Nail Lacquer Let Me Bayou a Drink

Let me Bayou a Drink: A toast to this sweet creamy pink

OPI Nail Lacquer in Humidi-Tea

Humidi-Tea: This beautiful dazzling nude will keep you looking cool and glamorous all day long

OPI Nail Lacquer in Suzi Nails New Orleans

Suzi Nails New Orleans: Stay chic with this vibrant pink shade while in NOLA

OPI Nail Lacquer in I Manicure for Beads

I Manicure for Beads: You’ll be collecting tons of beads with this decadent grain de raisin purple

OPI Nail Lacquer in Spare Me A French Quarter

Spare Me a French Quarter?: Who can resist this framboise creme

OPI Nail Lacquer in Shes a Bad Muffaletta

She’s a Bad Muffuletta!: A hot red that is tough as nails

OPI Nail Lacquer in Got Myself Into a Jambalaya

Got Myself into a Jam-balaya: A tasty blend of peach-pink and spices

OPI Nail Lacquer in Crawfishin For A Compliment

Crowfishin’ for a Compliment: You’ll be noticed with this deliciously creamy orange

OPI Nail Lacquer in Take a Right On Bourbon

Take a Right on Bourbon: A flashy metallic pewter that will have you intoxicated and ready to parade around the French Quarter

OPI Nail Lacquer in Rich Girls and Po-Boys

Rich Girls & Po-Boys: This blue jean shade pairs perfectly with anything

OPI Nail Lacquer in Im So Swamped

I’m so Swamped! The bayou’s most stylish shade, a mossy green

OPI Nail Lacquer in Show Us Your Tips

Show Us Your Tips!: This glimmering periwinkle will catch anyone’s attention

You won’t have to wait till Mardi Gras to get this collection. These lacquers are available in beginning of February 2016 and retails for $9.50 ($11.50 CAN). Find them at Professional Salons as well as Beauty Brands, beauty, Chatters. Dillard’s Regis ULTA and GelColors is only available in-salon, professional service only. For more information visit Follow OPI on Twitter and Instagram @OPI PRODUCTS and go to Facebook to become a fan.


Say Hello Kitty to OPI’s Newest Collection!

Starting this January 2016, you can get your hands on the cutest polishes to hit the market! Hello Kitty, a Japanese brand that has made cuteness a fashion statement worldwide, is the face of OPI’s newest collection.  This fun-filled candy colored series comes in 12 lacquers and matching Gel colors.


Kitty White: This is the purr-fect pearly white


Charmmy & Sugar: This yummy pink with colorful glitters makes everything sweeter


Let’s Be Friends: Your nails best mate, a dainty soft pinkOPI-Nail-Lacquer-in-Look-At-My-BowLook at My Bow: A creamy girly pink that will grab your attention


Small + Cute =: This baby pink hue equals cuteness. We’re smitten by this pretty classic pink shade.


Spoken from the Heart: You’ll truly love this charming coral


Starry-eyed for Dear Daniel: This sparkling pink shade will have you mesmerized. We’re lusting over this polish!


Super Cute in Pink: This perfect mauvy pink is adorable


My Twin Mimmy: A sunny yellow to brighten up your day


5 Apples Tall: A deliciously crisp apple red


My Pal Joey: This vivid true-blue shade will always be your best companion.


Never Have Too Mani Friends: You won’t be able to get enough of this beautiful inky shade

OPI Swatch in Say Hello To Kitty

Say Hello Kitty!: A gorgeous bright fuchsia with playful bits of shimmer

We can’t wait to get our paws on this delicious new Hello Kitty OPI Collection. We’re so excited to play with the colorful selection, it’s like being a kid in a candy store!

You can find this super cute collection for a limited time at Professional Salons, including Beauty Brands,, Chatters, Dillard’s Regis, ULTA and for $9.50 ($11.50 CAN). The Say Hello Kitty! Special Edition nail lacquer it featuring Swarovski crystal in a dazzling hot pink shade retails for $19.95 ($24.95 CAN).

Say hello to the new year with the cutest nails in town!

Cheers to a wonderful new year and a wonderful you!


Winter-Proof Your Skin

Brrrr…time to bundle up and get cozy by the fireplace. It’s also that season when our skin needs some extra TLC. Here are some products to keep your skin looking gorgeous this holiday season.winter-proof-your-skin-collection


Eminence Face Mask: A refreshingly wicked green mask that contains nourishing all-natural ingredients for your skin. It will leave your face hydrated and unbelievably softer than a baby’s tush. We love this product so much we sleep with it overnight and use it about 2-3 times a week. It leaves the skin rejuvenated and feeling tighter. This is hands down a must this season!


Honest Organic Healing Balm: We love organic, plant based products! This miracle working salve includes sunflower, olive, tamanu, and coconut oils as well as ultra moisturizing shea butter. This stuff works from head to toe and will keep your skin smooth and supple all winter long. It’s also a multitasking product which gives it extra brownie points. It works for eczema, diaper rash, minor cuts, and scrapes. We keep this on lock down in our purse.


Lumene CC Cream: This color correcting cream will not only even out and brighten your skin tone, but will keep it moisturized and hydrated. It blends smoothly into your skin and contain a protective spf 15 formula.


Rosebud Perfume Co. Strawberry Lip Balm: Keep chapped lips at bay with this ultra smoothing balm. We love the versatility of this product, which can be used on elbows and knees. It also comes in other aromatic scents and flavors.

We’ve got your skin covered for this frosty season. We’re ready for outdoor ice skating, frosty snowmen, and a cup of steamy hot chocolate by the fireplace.

Let us know how you like these products! What products do you use for the winter season? Cheers to glistening skin for the holidays!


Starlight Collection by OPI

Shine the brightest in the Galaxy with OPI’s Starlight Collection


We’re over the moon with these stunning shades that will have you at the center of the universe. This collection includes an astronomical spectrum of 18 limited-edition nail lacquers that are perfect for the holidays.  Blast off into outer space with these eye catching colors!


Ro-Man-ce on the Moon: A crimson red that will have your heart sky rocketing.


Guys & Galaxies: This maroon hue will have you orbiting mars.


I’m in the Moon for Love: We’re lusting over this pretty lunar plum.


Cosmo with a Twist: This deep space purple with a hint of glitter is out of this world.


Give Me Space: A bright midnight blue with infinite sparkle.


Center of the You-niverse: This glimmering black onyx will have everyone gravitating towards you.


Super Star Status: You’ll shine the brightest in the galaxy with gold and silver glitter.


I Drive a SuperNova: Take off with this brilliant silver shade.


Comet Closer: Cozy up with this textured celestial warm gold.


Is this Star Taken?: This lustrous gold is too gorgeous to share.


Infarared-y to Glow: This ray of light includes a cluster of glitter and red confetti.


Let Your Love Shine: A deep red that will ignite passion in your universe.


Ce-less-tial is More: This soft pink twinkles with its stellar glow.


Press * for Silver: This warm metallic silver won’t let you off the hook.


Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Meteorite: A striking metallic cluster of iron and nickel sparkle.


No More Mr. Night Sky: A nebula of glimmering gray.


Love is in My Cards: This passion filled red will have your astrological stars aligning.


By the Light of the Moon: This celestial shade will have a gravitational pull on you.




Find these galactic polishes at the closest planet near you, priced at $9.50 a piece (Ulta). Also available in gel colors formula that are sure to last! Whether you’re painting the galaxy red, exploring the starry night sky, or twinkling as bright as a stars, let OPI’s Starlight collection hop aboard with you. Catch them while supplies last or they’ll be light years away.


Feel Bubbly with Nicole’s Coca-Cola Collection by OPI

Time to pop open a bottle of Nicole by O.P.I’s classic Coca Cola nail lacquer shades and make your nails dazzle.

Inspired by the world’s favorite cola brand, Nicole by O.P.I is capturing this deliciously bubbly drink in polish shades that will glam up your finger tips. The collection comes in 6 intoxicating shades.

Always a Classic Coca-Cola: A classic lavish red that will never go out of style

DC Lover: Swoon over this shimmery silver shade gorgeously sprinkled with red sparkles

The Look is Orange: This perfect pop of orange is electrifying

In Grape Demand: Get your hands on this irresistible purple plum shade

Seriously Citrus: Wake up your senses with this refreshing mix of glitter green and crisp white

Zero is My Hero: This glimmering bold chestnut-burgundy is here to the rescue.

Try all 6 shades and experience “The Real Thing”.

This Nicole by OPI Coca-Cola collection can be found in the U.S. at select CVS, ULTA Beauty, Kmart, ShopKo, Harmon, and Giant Eagle locations in March 2015 for $6.99. Available in Canada at select Walmart and Jean Coutu locations for $10.99.

About Nicole by OPI: Nicole by OPI nail lacquer is made with the same salon-quality , but for a younger generation. It has a variety of shades with 80 colors. OPI is known for their pigmented shades as well as the newest nail lacquer technology. We love their immense color variety, color vibrancy, and the staying power of their polishes! Find more information and the latest trends on:

What’s your favorite color-flavor? We can’t wait to get our hands on ours!


Fall In Lust with OPI’s Fifty Shades of Grey Collection

Happy Valentine’s Day Hamaholics!

This Valentine’s Day weekend we’re falling in lust with these six nail lacquers inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey film, and based on the book by E L James. The five array of grays and red tone will set the mood for a night of romance or wherever your imagination takes you. This collection captures the mood and sensuality of the film, which we loved!

OPI Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador explains “The collection captures the mood, feelings and emotions of this film with assorted hues of gray, ranging from glitter and gleaming silvers to cool gray cremes to dark charcoal.”

OPI My Silk Tie
My Silk Tie: Get wrapped up in this silky silver shade

OPI Romantically Involved
Romantically Involved: A deep red tone that will ignite passion

OPI Dark Side of the Moon
Dark Side of the Mood: Live dangerously with this deep smoky shade that will have you taking risks

OPI Cement The Deal
Shine for Me: This sophisticated silver with exquisite blue sparkles will never lose its luster

OPI Cement The Deal
Cement the Deal: Say yes to this cool pebble shade of gray

OPI Embrace The Coray
Embrace the Gray: You’ll be forever entwined with this irresistible slate grey

OPI’s exclusive ProWide Brush is included in each of these nail lacquer shades, for finest application.

The collection is available in stores now for a limited time. They retail for $9.50 each and can be purchased at authorized professional beauty outlets and prestige stores. Visit OPI’s website for more information.

Follow OPI on Twitter and Instagram @OPI_PRODUCTS and be a fan on Facebook.

Which shade of gray or red will you be lusting for this Valentine’s Day? Will you be watching the Fifty Shades of Grey Film? Tell us what you think!