How To Prep Your Skin and Hair The Day Before Your Wedding

Jocelyn Ly
June 9, 2021

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Face Prep


The night before your wedding its best to drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.


You want to use a face mask or sheet mask that is appropriate for your skin type ie. dry, oily, combination. This will ensure a flawless makeup application and your skin will be glowing. We like using sheet masks since they're super hydrating and help plump up the skin.


Exfoliating your lips the night before your wedding will ensure kissable lips. Try a simple concoction of sugar and honey will give you smooth lips. After exfoliating your lips apply a generous amount of lip balm

Hair Prep

It's best to wash your hair the night before since it allows the oils to settle into the hair. We suggest keeping the conditioner on only the ends. If you have time, it's best to blowout your hair the day before so it's all set and ready for the hairstylist the next day.

After you've washed and dry your hair I recommend sleeping with a silk cap to prevent frizz and keep your hair looking silky and healthy. You'll wake up with gorgeous shiny hair.

Body Prep

Exfoliate your body the night before your wedding with a body brush and a loofa for smooth glowing skin. After your shower apply a generous amount of moisturizer and or body oil. Your skin will be glistening.

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