7 Items You'll Need to Bring to Your Bridal Trial

Jocelyn Ly
June 10, 2021

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Congratulations! You've set a date, found the venue, found your dream dress and started to find your vendors like florists, photographer, videographer, DJ, and hairstylist and makeup artist. You've guessed my favorite part, hair and makeup. As a makeup and hairstylist for weddings it just feels like everything is coming together with the bridal trial. It's a special time when get to envision how you'll look on your wedding day.

I've put together some tips on how to prepare for your bridal trial and what items to bring. 

It’s best to schedule a hair and makeup trial a few months (3 months) before your wedding. A trial is crucial before your special day to make sure you have the look down for your wedding, have no allergic reactions to any makeup in case your skin is sensitive, meeting the hairstylist and makeup artist and seeing how they work, and how you feel in the hair and makeup. 

Pro Tip: 

Schedule your bridal trial the same day as your engagement photos so you can test the longevity of  makeup and hair as well as seeing how it photographs. 

If you’ve never tried false lashes before try them on your bridal trial to see how you like them and how they feel and look. 

If you have clip extensions, it's best to try them during your wedding trial. You'll want to see how comfortable they are the whole day.

1) Hair and Makeup Inspirations

This is so important to have if you have a specific look you’re going for and keeps you and the artist on the same page. Photos and inspiration boards are the best way to communicate the style and look you would like, think of Pinterest as your new best friend. By having an inspiration photo the artist can customize a look for you. It’s also a great reference for the artist to replicate the look for your big day.   

2) Hair extensions

If you’re looking to add more length and volume, hair extensions are a wonderful addition and can also help keep your hair in place. It’s a great way to see how it feels wearing it, if it’s your first time. 

How and where to find extensions:

Buy on Luxy Hair

Most of my clients have purchased their hair extensions from Luxy Hair and they have been amazing. The quality of the hair extensions are great and durable. They are also easy to work with, from a hairstylist point of view.

3) Hair Accessories- Veil, Barrette, Flowers, Crown

It’s best to bring your hair accessory on the day of the trial to help you envision how you will look on the day of the wedding. You can also see how you’ll like it with the hairstyle you have chosen.

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4) Makeup 

Makeup, if you want to use a specific product that you are currently using it’s best to bring your makeup bag. It’s a good way to show the artist the type of products and colors you like to use. 

5) Photo of your Dress

Showing the hairstylist and makeup artist your dress will help inspire them and suggest hairstyles and makeup that will compliment your dress. It will also help bring your look together.

6) Clean Skin/Bare Face

When going to the trial it’s best to come with no makeup on and a clean canvas. The makeup artist will be able to see your skin and determine what skin products to use as well as the makeup. 

7) Button Down Shirt

Button down shirts are great for the trial as well as the day of the wedding in case you want to change into a different outfit later on, for engagement photos, or date night. 

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