Best Tatcha Products

Jocelyn Ly
February 23, 2022

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Top Photo by Catia Dombaxe on Unsplash Bottom Photo by Johanne Kristensen on Unsplash

The Tatcha Skincare brand was created by Victoria Tsai who was is search of a more simplistic holistic approach towards beauty. While visited Kyoto Japan she met a modern-day geisha. This inspired her to create a brand that merged the  ancient Japanese beauty practices with the modern lifestyle. Tatcha was born.

Tatcha products are clean, eco-friendly, and adhere to Japanese high safety standards. They include anti-aging ingredients from the Japanese diet including green tea, rice, and algae. Their products are not only effective, but safe. Find the best Tatcha products below. These include affiliate links.

The Dewy Skin Cream

This moisturizer plumps and hydrates skin without feeling greasy or heavy.

The Liquid Silk Canvas

So many people are raving about this makeup primer. It helps to keep the makeup lasting all day, minimize pores, as well as protect skin from pollutants. Your skin will look as smooth as silk.

The Kissu Lip Mask

Get your lips plump and hydrated with this overnight lip mask.

Violet C Radiance Mask

Need some extra glow, try this anti-aging mask that will brighten your skin. My skin feel tighter and smoother whenever I use it.

Luminous Dewy Mask

This will help you achieve a dewy glow.

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